Post Pro Capital

For more information on our Valentina Estates development project, you may reach out to us.

Post Pro Capital's Innovative Approach to Addressing the Housing Crisis

Post Pro Capital has been making waves in the real estate industry with its forward-thinking approach to addressing the ongoing housing crisis.

Being part of the team that spearheaded the first Black-developed micro home community in the country, Post Pro Capital, led by Chairman & CEO, Rashad-Jones-Jennings, is bringing this groundbreaking micro home concept to his hometown, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Tiny homes, also referred to as micro homes, typically range between 100 and 400 square feet. Living in tiny homes offers the opportunity to thrive in compact, yet functional spaces.

The Post Pro Team is filled with excitement about their upcoming Valentina Estates development project. They are eagerly looking forward to bringing their vision to reality. The planned development will feature 46 stunning micro homes and will arise in the Eastdale community.

Rashad expresses his proactive approach towards innovation, as well as his commitment to staying ahead of the curve. He says, “The world is constantly changing and I like to think that I am pro-innovation. So leading up to the 5-year mark, my plan is to embrace change and push the limitations on the current normal way of doing things. I strongly believe the way we do real estate today won’t be how we do it in five years and I want to be ahead of the curve on that.”

Please stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development project.