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An Exclusive Interview with Post Pro Capital's Chairman & CEO, Rashad Jones-Jennings

Post Pro Capital is a hybrid real estate development firm, founded and led by Rashad Jones-Jennings. With its innovative and cutting-edge approach to its development projects, the company has established itself as a dominant force in the real estate industry. In this exclusive interview, we had the privilege of chatting with Rashad Jones-Jennings, a Chattanooga native and the Chairman & CEO of Post Pro Capital. We delved into his exciting development project, Valentina Estates, a planned micro-home development project in Chattanooga, TN. Furthermore, we explored his numerous notable pursuits in the field of development.

Q1: Given your remarkable track record in real estate development, we’re eager to learn more about the projects underway at Post Pro. Tell us more about your upcoming development project, Valentina Estates, and why you’ve selected Chattanooga as the location for this project.

A: One of the projects in my pipeline is Valentina Estates, a planned 46-micro home development project in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN. I named it after my Mom, Valentina. I couldn’t be more thrilled about this endeavor, as it not only holds sentimental value being in my hometown but also because of the positive impact it can have on my own community.

Why Chattanooga? Coming from humble beginnings, I learned about the harsh realities of life at an early age. Let’s just say I became acutely aware of the profound impact socio-economic issues can have on communities. Through my experiences, I cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of economic disparity.

Now that I‘m a Real Estate Developer, and now that I have the opportunity to build communities, it makes perfect sense for me to go back and revitalize my community.

Q2: Why did you choose to develop tiny homes? Is there a significant demand for them?

While it’s true that there’s a significant demand for them, that alone isn’t my primary motivation why I chose to do this. I can choose to develop a wide range of houses, including both multifamily units and single-family homes. However, it’s important to recognize that doing that wouldn’t address the underlying concerns that we have at hand. I’m referring to the affordable housing crisis. I would like to be able to provide cost-effective housing solutions and at the same time be able to cultivate innovation and progress.

Q3: Tell us more about the distinctive aspects of the Valentina Estates development project, and how they align with your future vision.

A: This project has the potential to make a profound impact on my community, Eastdale, driving positive change that will resonate for generations to come. When I started Post Pro, my purpose was crystal clear: to provide tangible solutions to socio-economic challenges and create avenues and pathways for communities to thrive.

Q4: Apart from Valentina Estates, are there any other ongoing developments and ventures that you’re currently working on?

A: Yes, I am also currently working on developing and entitling 18 acres right behind the 8.5 acres I already own for Valentina Estates. So that’s 26.5 acres of development in one neighborhood on one block and we are just getting started. I’m also anticipating the grand opening of MVP Car Wash which is also in the Eastdale community. This is big for the community because this car wash has been abandoned for 5+ years. There are others that are in the pipeline that I will talk about later. Currently, we have about $30 million in developments active and in the pipeline.

Q5: I’m thrilled to hear that! Would you mind sharing your vision for the future? What are your goals and primary areas of focus for the next five years?

A: My goal for the next 5 years is to build up our development portfolio as well as our rental portfolio. The world is constantly changing and I like to think that I am pro-innovation. So leading up to the 5-year mark, my plan is to embrace change and push the limitations on the current normal way of doing things. I strongly believe the way we do real estate today won’t be how we do it in 5 years and I want to be ahead of the curve on that. I see Post Pro as a $ 100 million company through our developments, rental property, business acquisition, and agent attraction.

Q6: Thank you for your time today. Before we wrap up, do you have any advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in real estate?

A: A career in real estate is accessible to nearly everyone given that it has the lowest barrier to entry. But to thrive in this industry, it’s important to have that growth mindset. You need to embrace that mindset of lifelong learning. In this modern world where things are constantly changing, and where new technologies are constantly emerging, we need to be able to pivot and adapt to any changes that may come our way.

We were truly inspired by Rashad Jones-Jennings’ visionary perspective on the future of Post Pro Capital, and his huge plans to broaden the company’s portfolio. We can’t wait to see the extraordinary achievements that they’re bound to accomplish.

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